Sulumov told how he injured his opponent’s knee during the AMC Fight Nights title fight

AMC Fight Nights lightweight champion Muhammad Sulumov told how he hurt Akhmed Aliyev in the first minute of the title fight.

The fight took place on Friday during the AMC Fight Nights 121 tournament. At the very start of the fight, Sulumov missed a roundhouse kick to the head, but in the ground fight he managed to get into a painful hold and inflict a knee wound on his opponent. Aliyev couldn’t leave the cage on his own. According to initial reports, the 33-year-old fighter has a torn ligament in his right knee. Sulumov and Aliyev met for the second time. Their first fight, which took place in February, was declared invalid due to being punched in the eye by Aliyev.

– Did you understand that you injured your opponent because you heard a crack?

– There was not just a crack, but a long crack, about three seconds. This kind of makes me a little nauseous. I wanted to upgrade to the knee brace, but it twisted and there was already a twist in the heel. But I couldn’t reach the heel so I wanted to push it further. Since my legs are wide and the knot was strong there, when I pushed him away trying to reach the heel, I tore his knee.

– You did not celebrate the victory, because you understood that you injured your adversary?

– Yes, it was unpleasant. I feel sorry for Ahmed too.

– Who taught you such pain?

— I go to grappling and BJJ. If I had done a knee twist, I would have said I learned that in sambo, but twisting the heel is more like jiu-jitsu. Although there are few places where this can be done, it is rarely practiced in theaters. There, the pain as such did not begin, I locked his knee, wanted to take him away from me and did it with a strong blow. Here, on the contrary, the position was important, because it is convenient to do without it, to move on to other tricks, ”Sulumov told .

Victory in this fight earned Sulumov the AMC Fight Nights Lightweight Championship belt, which remained vacant following Nariman Abbasov’s departure from the league.

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Source : MatchTV

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