ASA League can provide financial aid to injured fighter Ponomarev

ASA League can provide financial aid to injured fighter Ponomarev

Vice-president of the Russian league ASA Aslanbek Badaev, in an interview with , promised to discuss with the management of the organization the provision of financial assistance to the heavyweight Grigory Ponomarev who suffered a serious knee injury.

Ponomarev injured his knee in the first minute of his first fight in the organization, after tripping after a throw. The fighter left the cage on a stretcher and lost by TKO in the first round Muhumat Vakhaev . For Ponomarev, this fight was the first in the league after defending the AMC Fight Nights belt. In the semifinals of the Heavyweight Grand Prix, Vakhaev will meet Kirill Kornilov.

– In Russia, fighters are uninsured, but considering this is one of the worst injuries in ASA history, is it possible the league will somehow support? another Grigory?

– After our interview, I will discuss it with Mayrbek and Alexei (the founder and president of the league. – ), I think it will be logical. Knowing Mairbeck, I don’t even doubt that he will help me. We will call, find out about Grigory’s condition and communicate with the doctors. It’s a terrible injury and it’s unpleasant that Grisha started his way in our league like this. The big ones, it happens.

– Did you have the impression that the canvas got a little wet after the previous fight?

— We have a standard canvas with good adhesion. It is the fabric that absorbs water the best. Usually we have a canvas and no one has complained.

– Some winners, who should fight next in the Grand Prix, were injured today (Mukhumat Vakhaev and Faridun Odilov). How will the tournament go if two semi-finalists are injured?

We will wait for them to recover. Yes, it’s bad news for their rivals, but it’s a Grand Prix, we don’t want to change grids or look for notes. We hope the semi-finals will be held before the end of the year,” Badaev told .

The ACA League hosts eight-man knockout tournaments in all weight classes.

Live broadcasts of the Mixed Martial Arts tournaments can be seen on and Match! Fighter”, as well as on the sites and

Source : MatchTV

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