Kevin Johnson says he won’t give up US citizenship

Kevin Johnson says he won’t give up US citizenship

Boxer Kevin Johnson who applied for Russian citizenship, said in a interview that he was not going to give up his US passport just yet.

In April, Johnson approached Russian President Vladimir Putin with an application for Russian citizenship.

– Jeff Monson received Russian citizenship and renounced US citizenship. Do you have any ideas for following his example?

“Not at the moment, because I will have to go back to America. I have too much to do there. I have a house there, a mother, a daughter, six brothers and sisters. And they can’t all travel now. I haven’t seen my family for five years.

During this time, I traveled all over the world. From the Dominican Republic I flew to Colombia, from there to London, then to Germany for business. At that time the coronavirus and BLM happened, I didn’t have the opportunity to go back to America. I did business, went to Serbia, then returned to Germany, from where I came to Russia.

– It turns out that you will have two passports – Russian and American.

– Yes.

“How long are you going to live in Russia?”

– Always. I always come to Russia because my mother is going to Thailand. It is better to have heavenly apartments all over the world than to live in a single house. I bought myself a small house in Thailand where I can spend my holidays and relax when I get old.

“What Russian words do you know?”

— My favorite expression is: “You are very beautiful” (he speaks in Russian). Naturally, this is referring to a lady. I have a Russian teacher, whose name is Victoria, and she has a dog (the last word is in Russian). So I know the phrases ‘come here’, ‘my name is’, ‘how are you’, ‘very good’, ‘excellent’, Johnson said in an interview with .

Because of the 43-year-old Johnson’s 35 wins, 21 losses and two draws in the professional ring. During his career, the American has boxed with Vitali Klitschko, Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua, Andy Ruiz, Kubrat Pulev, Derek Chisora ​​and many more. Johnson on August 18 in Moscow will face Russian 2021 world champion Mark Petrovsky.

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Source : MatchTV

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