“We want to support athletes so that they do not feel deprived” – sports director of the Russian Judo Federation Denisov

European champion and sports director of the Russian Judo Federation Kirill Denisov told that he would support Russian athletes if they were not allowed to participate in the Paris Olympics.

In March 2023, the Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) recommended that international federations, if Russians are allowed to participate in competitions, do so individually, in a neutral status, without participating in team events, and exclude also participation. of athletes associated with the security forces and who have expressed their support for the SVO. The decision on the admission of Russians directly to the 2024 Games in Paris will be made separately by the IOC.

— What are the Russian judo team’s plans for international tournaments, in addition to the Grand Slams in Baku, Abu Dhabi and Tokyo?

— In such a situation, every tournament is important. We live from event to event, the main objective is to qualify as best as possible in Baku, then in Abu Dhabi and Tokyo. Until the end of the year, these are the only projects. Now many foreign teams are trying to come to our training camp: we have a very busy schedule, many events with foreign judokas.

— Which national teams want to come?

— There are still a lot of discussions, but we have already received visits from teams from Bahrain, Kazakhstan and Mongolia. Country where wrestling is cultivated. Athletes from these countries admire our martial arts academy.

— Today the Russian judo team is discussing the question of not going to the Olympics in neutral status?

— This is a question for management. We only do sports.

— What are the feelings within the team itself about this?

— The guys are training and preparing for the upcoming competitions.

— Is there a possibility that not all weight categories will allow athletes to participate in the Games?

— Due to the long break, we have weight categories in which we need to obtain qualifying points. There are some strong and promising guys there. I hope they can get on the train at the start and qualify. With the level of fighting they are showing, there is every chance.

— In addition to the personal performance, there is also a team performance of judokas, is there a selection process for this?

— According to the recommendations of the IOC, we do not organize team competitions. If they appear suddenly, we will participate. The level of judo in Russia is strong, we are quickly adapting to the team tournament, because we have many strong wrestlers who can cover the weight categories.

— What is the Russian Judo Federation ready to offer athletes if they are not allowed to participate in the Games?

— The question is once again aimed more at management. Everything that depends on us will be done. We want to fully support athletes so that they do not feel deprived,” Denisov told .

The Russian judo team will participate in the Grand Slam tournament from September 22 to 24 in Baku.

The Paris 2024 Olympic Games will take place from July 26 to August 11.

Source : MatchTV

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