Mamiashvili promised a “serious debriefing” based on the results of the performances of Russian freestyle wrestlers at the World Championships

President of the Russian Wrestling Federation (FSBR) Mikhail Mamiashvili told that there would be a serious debriefing after the performance of Russian freestyle wrestlers at the World Championships in Serbia, because they had every chance of winning the maximum number of Olympic licenses.

At the freestyle wrestling tournament at the World Championships in Belgrade, Russians won four of ten possible medals (two gold, silver and bronze) and four of six Olympic licenses.

— Our freestyle wrestlers won four licenses out of six. The United States also has four.

– I don’t want to measure myself against anyone. We must speak from our own strength. This means that we had every chance of winning all the licenses. I cannot give an analysis of the technical condition, this is the prerogative of the head coach and coaches of the national team. But we will have a very serious debriefing. One of the vice-presidents of our federation is Buvaysar Saitiev, three-time Olympic champion. Who, if not him, has the opportunity to express his position or make possible adjustments. If necessary, pronounce your word heavy and rather severe. We do not have wedding generals in the leadership of the federation, the discussions are taking place quite seriously.

Our guys managed to cope with the excitement of the start. It’s not just about excitement before competitions. This is due to the pressure placed on us, the unpredictable decisions regarding our admission that occur almost every week and the restrictions. All this left an imprint on the psychological state of the guys. Shamil Mamedov qualified, I sincerely congratulate him on this brilliant victory! He fought for bronze and a ticket to the Olympic Games in a fight with the world champion. Shamil announced himself literally on the eve of draconian decisions regarding the national teams of Russia and Belarus.

Unfortunately, he was unable to participate in the European Championships. It was the first time he had attended such an important event, where there was such emotion. The atmosphere and tension of the licensed world championship cannot be expressed in words, it must be felt.

It is no coincidence that every country wants to host a pre-Olympic World Championship. And this tournament was to take place in Krasnoyarsk, we offered the best conditions in an open and fair fight. But current conditions do not yet imply the holding of events of this level on Russian territory under the auspices of the international federation.

The guys did it, thanks to the coaching staff. Our freestyle wrestlers have gained tremendous experience. Character won here. This World Championship will give great confidence to the athletes. Our team is young and quite ambitious, but we also have experienced and distinguished guys,” Mamiashvili told .

The World Championships in Belgrade will end on September 24. The Russians are participating in the tournament in neutral status.

Source : MatchTV

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