“I will not say that the ASA was seriously considering organizing a fight between Shlemenko and Reznikov, but we cannot exclude that this fight will take place” – vice-president of the league

The ASA League is not yet seriously considering the possibility of organizing a fight between the Russians Alexander Shlemenko and Kazakh Artem Reznikov, but in the future I am ready to return to this idea, Vice President of Promotion Aslanbek Badaev told .

Previously, Shlemenko and Reznikov spoke impartially about each other in public space.

— The fighters themselves created this story, there is hype. I will not say that we are seriously thinking and planning to fight this fight, but at the same time we cannot exclude that this fight will take place. This is a high-profile fight, and with moderate financial appetites, I think it would be a cool story. But again… Now Reznikov is arguing with Ali Bagov. How relevant will this story be by then and how Artem himself will behave. If Artem suffers a second consecutive defeat, that will also reduce his shares. And then will Shlemenko want to fight him, does he even want this fight. There are many counterarguments, but if both fighters are ready, then we can consider making this fight and start negotiations after the fight between Reznikov and Bagov,” Badaev told .

Former Bellator middleweight champion Shlemenko has 62 MMA wins, suffered 15 losses and one fight ended in a draw. Reznikov, a finalist in the ASA Lightweight Grand Prix, has 24 wins and seven losses.

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Source : MatchTV

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