Athletistic/MMA. Famous Russian mixed martial arts fighter Kirill Sidelnikov said that former UFC champion Francis Ngannou will have an incredibly difficult time in a boxing match with WBC world heavyweight champion Briton Tyson Fury.

“Ngannou will not take this fight. If the fight lasts 12 rounds… For me, three rounds, and that’s a lot, that’s all. Ngannou is just a standing bag that Fury will beat,” Sidelnikov said at the “Championship”. »

Francis Ngannou will meet WBC heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury on October 28. The Cameroonian and the British will face each other in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia). Their fight will take place over 10 rounds, but the WBC title will not be on the line.

Ngannou has been competing in the UFC since 2015. He has 12 wins and two losses. In March 2021, the Cameroonian defeated Stipe Miocic and won the champion title. Ngannou’s last opponent was Frenchman Cyril Gan. The title fight took place at the UFC 270 tournament in California (USA) in January 2022. Ngannou won by unanimous decision and defended the title.