Usk: For Fury, the fight with Ngannou is a cake with butter

Usk: For Fury, the fight with Ngannou is a cake with butter

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The Ukrainian world champion gave his forecast for the upcoming fight between a boxer and an MMA fighter.

Francis Ngannou has no chance in a boxing match against Tyson Fury. Alexander Usik’s opinion. The Ukrainian world champion according to the WBA, WBO, IBO and IBF said that the Cameroonian is a cool champion in the UFC, but it will not help him in a boxing match.

Especially when a two-meter giant with incredible boxing experience is fighting him.

“For Fury, fighting Ngannou is a cake and butter. I’m talking purely from a boxing point of view. When people say Ngannou can hit somewhere and it’s coming – yes, he can do it. But how can you do this to a two-meter giant with 20 years of boxing behind him? And he’s fighting a guy who’s never fought as a boxer. So, as a UFC fighter, he’s a cool champion, I not specifically saying he’s some kind of lefty, but the UFC isn’t boxing.

I have every confidence that Tyson Fury will win this fight without breaking a sweat. If something changes during the fight – let’s say, Fury is lying on the floor, then I will record a video and say: “Wow, I’m frozen, but here it is the case.” Yes, I admit I was wrong, but we will have to wait. We’ll see,” said Usyk in an interview on his YouTube channel.

Let’s remember that earlier Usik expressed uncertainty about the timely holding of his fight with Fury.

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