Fury: Ngannou made more for his UFC fight than I did for the Klitschko fight

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The WBC super heavyweight champion calculated how much an MMA fighter would earn for fighting him.

Tyson Fury has spoken about the fees of his next opponent, former UFC champion Francis Ngannou. According to the WBC super heavyweight champion, today MMA fighters are almost ten years behind boxers in terms of payments.

“I know Ngannou got $600,000 for his last UFC championship fight. That’s about the same as I got for the Wladimir Klitschko fight.

I’d say it’s not that little. It is not enough to just win the title and defend it. To earn good money, you have to beat some big names and attract fans.

$600,000 is Francis Ngannou’s biggest payout, but it’s a lot of money. Think how much work an ordinary person would have to do to accumulate that amount. It will probably take me 452 years,” Fury told the Mirror.

Let’s remember that the fight between Fury and Klitschko took place in 2015. In turn, Tyson’s fight with Francis Ngannou is scheduled for October 28.

Fury previously revealed how much Ngannou will make fighting him.

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