The composition of the Russian national team for the World Sambo Championship is known

The press service of the All-Russian Sambo Federation has published a list of athletes who will participate in the upcoming World Championships.

The Russian men’s sambo team included Sayan Khertek (up to 58 kg), Vladimir Leontyev (up to 64 kg), Ramed Gukev (up to 71 kg), Egor Sukhoparov (up to 79 kg), Aslan Kurbanov (up to 88 kg), Anton Konovalov (up to 98 kg) and Artem Osipenko (over 98 kg).

Among women, the tournament will feature Yulia Molchanova (up to 50 kg), Elmira Kahramanova (up to 54 kg), Svetlana Uvarova (up to 59 kg), Milena Khilova (up to 65 kg), Ksenia Zadvornova (up to 72 kg). ), Daria Rechkalova (up to 80 kg) and Zhanar Kusanov (over 80 kg).

The Russian national combat sambo team included Mukhtar Gamzaev (up to 58 kg), Sheikh-Mansur Khabibulaev (up to 64 kg), Rustam Taldiev (up to 71 kg), Zagid Gaidarov (up to 79 kg ), Said Saidov (up to 88 kg), Abdulkhalim Dzhavathanov (up to 98 kg) and Mikhail Kashurnikov (over 98 kg).

The World Sambo Championship will take place in Yerevan, Armenia from November 9-13.

Source : MatchTV

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