Pavlovich’s first coach spoke about the conditions in which the Russian MMA fighter practiced Greco-Roman wrestling

First UFC Fight Coach Sergei Pavlovich Alexander Aloyan, in an interview with , recalled the difficult conditions in which the Russian practiced Greco-Roman wrestling as a child in the village of Orlovskoye.

Pavlovich is currently on a six-fight knockout win streak in the UFC. On June 12, he will fight for the interim heavyweight title with Englishman Tom Aspinall. For Pavlovich, 31, this fight will be the eighth in the UFC and the 20th of his professional career.

— What were the worst training conditions you had? Classroom, cafeteria?

— A classroom would be a magnificent room. I’ll tell you, we trained in the basement of a two-story building in the center of the village, where there were no windows. There were two rooms, seven by five… or even four. Old mats were covered with tarpaulins, which are used to cover the trucks. No special covering, just a tarpaulin. It’s clear that my elbows, my face, everything is on fire. And there was a moment – there was no light… I’m not lying to you, we put candles in the four corners and we practiced. I assure you, I can even show this place. Then we trained in the old service center building. L-shaped room. We recently had a large, beautiful building built where we can work and study. Looking at it now, I really think “dreams come true”: showers, mats, gym, locker rooms. Then there was nothing at all.

— Our rare mutual acquaintances with Sergei said that he hit very hard. Did this manifest in any way?

“I didn’t know any of his struggles, but I felt the strength of them personally, on myself. During training, I tried to demonstrate a lot of techniques with him on the wrestling mat, because in terms of size he is a tall, mature, handsome guy. And so, pulling it out, showing a few things, I felt like I was moving with a rock. It was always felt,” Aloyan told .

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Source : MatchTV

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