“My contract with ASA is a little on hold” – heavyweight Grigory Ponomarev

ASA League Newcomer, Former AMC Fight Nights Heavyweight Champion Grigori Ponomarev said he could stage the next fight under boxing rules.

Ponomarev joined the ASA League as the AMC Fight Nights heavyweight champion. In his first Grand Prix quarterfinal fight against Mukhumat Vakhaev on August 11, the 28-year-old fighter suffered a serious knee injury and was out of action for a year.

—Have you considered fighting boxing rules while your knee recovers, or is the ASA league against it?

— But the ASA cannot object to this, because we have our own agreements there in terms of contracts, etc. I have already said that I am considering organizing my first fights after boxing rehabilitation. We will discuss it later with the team, but the coaches are no longer against it.

-So, what about the ASA? Is the contract suspended?

– A short break. There was a contract for the Grand Prix, but in case of defeat, the contract is canceled,” reports the correspondent, according to Ponomarev’s words.

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Source : MatchTV

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