Fury infamously defeats Ngannou by split decision!

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For your attention the result of the fight and review of the fight between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou.

A night of boxing took place in Saudi Arabia, the main event of which was the fight between the world super heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and the representative of the world of mixed martial arts Francis Ngannou, where this fight was the his debut in the professional boxing ring.

The maximum number of star faces gathered for the events: Cristiano Ronaldo, Mike Tyson, Conor McGregor, Ronaldo and many others. Also, of course, here is Oleksandr Usyk, who agreed with Fury to fight for the title of absolute world champion in December.

Tyson Fury appeared in public very pathetically as usual – on a throne, wearing a crown and listening to the song Pretty Woman.

The result of the fight between Fury and Ngannou
Already in the third second of the fight, Fury tried to deliver a powerful blow, but fell into the hands of Ngannou. For a minute the men were stuck in a 20-second clinch, after which they “danced” for a long time until at the end of three minutes they exchanged interesting attacks. Tyson still hit his opponent, but he calmly stood on his feet.

In the middle of the second round, Ngannou pushed Fury into the corner of the ring, but with experience he was able to “dive to his legs” and get out of the awkward position. In this three-minute period, the British showed little attacking activity, but he climbed into the clinch very stubbornly.

Francis did not shy away from attacking and throwing punches, some of which reached the “Gypsy King’s” head, and Fury himself ended each of his punch attempts with an instant rapprochement and hug. And at one point, Ngannou caught his opponent and delivered a blow that knocked Fury down! Perhaps the gong saved the Briton.

Round No. started. 4 Ngannou in an attempt to finish what he started, but now Tyson worked better on defense. However, an African can count this period as an asset. And in the fifth round it became noticeable that it was quite difficult for Ngannou to maintain such a pace, he began to breathe harder, and in the end he also missed Tyson’s attack.

The second half of the fight started again with the underdog trying to attack, but Fury, on the defensive, unleashed some unpleasant blows to the head.

In the seventh round, Ngannou was breathing heavily and moving around the ring, but still managed to get the crowd pumped up with an attempt to land a powerful punch. And at one point Fury found himself on the floor for a second time, but this time he took the attack himself so desperately that he couldn’t stand and fell to his knees in front of his opponent.

And, despite all his fatigue, Ngannou had an impressive eighth round. In the middle of it, Francis threw punch after punch and didn’t allow Fury to hold on, it seemed like the “king” was going to fall in the ring, but the Briton still survived, although he lost three minutes cleanly.

The penultimate round is not necessarily a championship round; it was difficult for Ngannou to move, so he took the center of the ring and watched the maneuvers of Fury, who in turn was inactive himself.

The finale of the match began with unsuccessful attacks…Ngannou. And Fury got the impression that he didn’t even want to look for a chance to land the same punch that could win this fight. The Briton simply jumped into the ring to the end, then began to embrace his opponent.

And Tyson Fury still won by split decision in this fight. One referee gave Ngannou the win by a score of 95-94, another gave Tyson the same score, and the third gave the Briton a seven-three-minute win.

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