“They discussed that after the first wave of attacks, Dariush gives up” – Tsarukyan’s manager about the knockout at the UFC in Austin

Manager of a Russian fighter Arman Tsarukyan Sayat Abdrakhmanov commented for on his athlete’s victory over American Beneil Dariush in the main fight of the UFC tournament in Austin (United States).

Tsarukyan, who debuted in the promotion in April 2019, knocked out number four lightweight Beneil Dariush in the tournament’s main bout in 64 seconds. Tsarukyan, 27, threw a series of punches, took his opponent into a Thai clinch and delivered a combination of a knee to the head and a right side kick. For Dariush, the defeat was the sixth of his career and the second of his last ten fights.

— Dariush is a well-rounded athlete, but without a clearly defined strong side. Which scenario did you fear the most?

“My biggest fear was that during the fight Arman would make rash decisions, perhaps wasting his energy where it could have been avoided.” But overall, I was sure Armand was better than Beneil, he was physically superior to him, better at stand-up and wrestling. Dariush only had the advantage in terms of experience. At the same time, it was Arman’s second five-round fight and his third preparation for a five-round fight, and Beneil fought for the first time in a five-round fight.

— Arman struck with his knee and, without lowering his leg, struck the side. Was it staged or just a good episode?

– No, it’s a preparation, I saw it during the warm-up. They resolved the problem with the coaches. The topic was discussed: after the first wave of attack, Dariush very often remains unprotected, lowers his hands, steps back and can be hit.

— Why did a person from the top 5 agree to fight Arman?

– It seems to me that if you are in the top 5 and after a defeat, then it makes sense to fight with someone who is inferior to you in order to defend your position, so to speak. But if you’re high up and not financially dependent on fights, like, say, Dustin Poirier, you may be able to decline until you get the fight you need. But Dariush is like that, he is ready to test himself with everyone.

— Arman makes no secret that he comes from a rich family, and as we know, hungry guys usually stay in MMA. Are you surprised he’s gotten this far in the sport?

– Arman is a born fighter, this is his vocation: to be a fighter, to be an athlete. I think this is a great example. In his opinion, all parents who financially support a child should want their children to be just as determined. He enjoys this trip. But in fact it is also financially motivated: we accept no conditions. He is interested in certain costs and, in this regard, he also sets goals.

— You didn’t ask if he repaid his father’s investment in his training with what he earned in 10 fights?

“There was no such conversation, but, imagining his fee, I think I definitely won,” Abdrakhmanov told .

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Source : MatchTV

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