“If Gadzhidaudov manages to translate and control in time, he will defeat Tumenov” – Koshkin

“If Gadzhidaudov manages to translate and control in time, he will defeat Tumenov” – Koshkin

ASA Champion Ustarmagomed Gadzhidaudov will be able to defeat the former UFC fighter Albert Tumenov with timely use of wrestling, another ASA welterweight fighter told Andrei Koshkin .

The ACA Welterweight Grand Prix semi-final between Tumenov and Gadzhidaudov will headline the ACA 168 tournament, which will be held on December 24 in Moscow. Former UFC fighter Tumenov has 24 wins and four losses, while ASA champion Gadzhidaudov has 17 wins and six losses. In the quarterfinals of the Grand Prix, Gadzhidaudov defeated Vitaly Slipenko and took the ACA belt from him.

– I think the odds in this fight are 50 to 50. If you look closely, Albert has a tactical and technical advantage, he has good timing, he throws punches on time, moves well and defends well from the fight . But it won’t be an easy fight for Tumenov, Ustar also has good timing, he feels good both in striking technique and in wrestling. And if he manages to enter the fight in time, translate and control, then victory will be his. In general, whoever manages to impose their own combat pattern will win. Here a lot depends on the mentality, psychological attitude, the level of the fighters is approximately the same, the more interesting it will be to watch this fight,” Koshkin told .

ACA tournaments are broadcast live on and Match! Fighter”. The next ASA show will take place on December 24, during which Gadzhidaudov, Tumenov, Alexey Makhno, Ali Bagov, Artem Reznikov, Mikhail Mokhnatkin and others will enter the octagon. Watch the live broadcast on the channels (from 8:30 p.m. Moscow time) and Match! Combattant” (4:25 p.m. Moscow time).

Source : MatchTV

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