“We had gangs in Tokmak, but not as tough as they show in “The Boy’s Word” – boxer Bivol

“We had gangs in Tokmak, but not as tough as they show in “The Boy’s Word” – boxer Bivol

WBA Russian light heavyweight champion Dmitri Bivol in an interview with , he said that groups gathered in his hometown of Tokmak (Kyrgyzstan), but there was no such cruelty as shown in the series “The Boy’s Word” .

— Honestly, I looked. You constantly come across episodes of the series on social media, this music… Well, I watched it. There were some little details in my childhood – fighting, dancing in a circle. The town of Tokmak, where I grew up, was considered criminal in Kyrgyzstan. Yes, I was just a child, but I observed the elders. Yes, there were gangs, but not as violent as the movie shows. Nothing could offend the parents. Especially just with each other.

This series, for example, shows a small part of a person’s life, and it is so full of cruel events… And that’s how I came to this conclusion by myself. Throughout the entire series, I was worried about my parents. To be honest, more so than for children. I feel so bad for my parents. Marat’s (and Adidas’) father is good, he does everything for the children. But the kids are going somewhere downhill. I feel bad for the main character’s (Andrey Palto) mother. She raised her son, sent him to do music, and the guy was taken somewhere. But unfortunately the circumstances turned out this way. In general, it’s a shame for the parents. I would not like that in the future in the country parents do everything right, but children form such cruel groups and go down the wrong path,” Bivol told .

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Source : MatchTV

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