Athletistic/Boxing. Former world champion in four weight categories Roy Jones expressed his opinion regarding the cancellation of the fight for the title of absolute heavyweight champion between the British Tyson Fury and the Ukrainian Alexander Usik.

“It’s a big blow, especially for Usyk, because it was an opportunity for him to become a global sensation and he could have done that by beating Tyson Fury. This fight means more to Usyk than it does to Fury.

Tyson has already become a global sensation, having beaten Wilder twice and Klitschko. He beat everyone, so he is the king of this division, a world-famous character. Usik previously competed in the premier heavyweight division, which is not that prestigious. That’s why it’s important for him to become a superstar,” Jones said in an interview with YouTube channel iFL TV.

  • Fury spoke about his injury ahead of Usyk fight