“The cut will affect Fury’s preparation, but with the right attitude he will have plenty of time to recover” – cutman

“The cut will affect Fury’s preparation, but with the right attitude he will have plenty of time to recover” – cutman

Russian cutman (a martial arts specialist who manages cuts during combat) Pavel Tyurin, in a conversation with , said that cuts can affect preparation Tyson Fury fight with Alexandre Usik but with the right attitude, the British boxer will have plenty of time to recover for the fight on May 18.

Earlier it became known that the fight for the title of absolute world heavyweight champion between Tyson Fury and Alexander Usik was postponed due to the Briton’s injury; Fury received a cut above his right eye. Initially, the fight was scheduled to take place on February 17, but it was postponed to May 18.

– I’m sure it was an unintentional blow. The video of the fight of Tyson Fury and Agron Smakichi shows how the second, grabbing Fury’s hand in the clinch, hit him with his elbow so that Tyson shuddered. If I had wanted to cheat and postpone the fight, I would have mentioned a hand or shoulder injury, by providing false photos for example. But it certainly would not have cut the skin already marked by difficult past battles.

– How serious is this cut?

— Elbow cuts are always dangerous because they go so deep, and this wound is no exception. Photos of the cut published in the media slightly exaggerate the extent of the cut. The fact is that in the photo Fury raised his eyebrows, the skin stretched and the edges moved away from each other, making the injury even more terrifying. However, this cut will need to be closed and will require at least six stitches.

The difficulty is that this injury appeared exactly where there was already a cut in the fight against Otto Wallin. But it was even bigger. The likelihood of injury recurrence in scarred skin areas is much higher.

Weight loss plays an important role in this. A large number of microelements are removed and the skin becomes dry, which means it is at increased risk. Heavyweights don’t usually suffer from it, but Fury has lost a lot of pounds. If this injury had happened in a fight, Tyson would have been in trouble. But since there are no large veins in this area, stopping the bleeding in this area would not be a problem.

— What is the recovery time?

— There’s a comment about this from Jorge Capetillo, Fury’s cutman, who worked with him in the fight against Otto Wallin. He gave an estimated recovery time of 3 months. And there, I agree with him. The stakes are too high. If I were Fury, I wouldn’t enter this fight even with a reddened scar.

— So, Fury will definitely be restored by May 18?

– I think this time will be enough. It must be taken into account that the sparring session will begin in April, which means a little more than two months to recover before the first sparring. An injury like this can hamper your preparation a bit. Maybe even psychologically. But if the team approaches treatment and recovery responsibly and uses the necessary protection for this, then, I repeat, there will be enough time. They asked for 3 months, we gave them 3.5. But there will be no excuses,” Tyurin told .

Fury is undefeated in the professional ring, having won 34 times (24 by knockout) and ending one fight in a draw. Usik, undefeated, has 21 victories (14 by KO).

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Source : MatchTV

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