Athletistic/ MMA. Former New Zealand mixed martial artist Mark Hunt, who competed under the auspices of the UFC organization, has slammed promotion president Dana White for a $250,000 gift to blogger Kyle Forjard.

“His act is a slap in the face for all fighters. A lot of fighters live on $10,000, can’t find sponsors, and this bald idiot gives this YouTuber $250,000. Even the heavyweights probably don’t get that money. Maybe some champions get less. It’s disgusting. He stole the fighters’ money he earned from them,” Hunt said.

A video has surfaced online showing Dana White donating $250,000 to Nelk Boys YouTube channel author Kyle Forjard. This channel specializes in pranks, its audience has 7.44 million subscribers.

Many athletes and sports pundits have criticized White for paying many UFC fighters far less money than he gave the blogger.