A famous Ukrainian boxer came to Lomachenko’s defense

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The Vice-President of the National League of Professional Boxing of Ukraine Alina Shaternikova spoke about the position of the former war champion.

People didn’t want to hear Vasily Lomachenko’s true position on the war, but they thought what they wanted. This is what Alina Shaternikova, a well-known former boxer and now vice-president of the National League of Professional Boxing of Ukraine, thinks.

According to him, the position of the former world champion in three weight categories on this issue is clear and completely patriotic.

“We talked and now about this topic, when I came to Australia, we sat in a hotel room and talked about the war like you, that is, there is no other view of the situation that he is not in his country He speaks like all Ukrainians.

Did you often see Vasily’s interviews with the media, except for those published before the matches? Lomachenko is a fairly private person. And I’m not judging whether it’s bad or not. He is who he is. We are all human, and we are all individuals. Vasily does not like publicity, because he is a world-class athlete. But as far as I feel in this world, it is quite closed.

I know his position very well, but I must tell him to come out and say something. Well, look, he’s a grown man and he knows what he’s doing. I understand him, because I too, until a certain period in my life, was a rather closed person.

I don’t want to answer any questions, go to the media and say something. This is his way of life, this is his lifestyle.

Scold him because he doesn’t want this publicity? Personally, I don’t do that.

People don’t want to hear it. They want to hear the way some formulaic story tells them to hear. People often do not see the difference between this world and other people. We can’t all be the same. They tried to make us all the same in the Soviet Union, but now we are free. Everyone acts in their life the way they feel, the way it suits them,” said Shaternikova in an interview with sport-express.ua.

We remind you that the fight between Vasily Lomachenko and George Kambosos will take place on May 12 in Perth, Australia.

Prior to this, the two boxers held an open training session.

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