“Have you decided whether to shake hands or not?!” Shlemenko and Shtyrkov fought at media day

35-year-old Ivan Shtyrkov and 39-year-old Alexander Shlemenko are expected to fight in the same RCC 19 tournament, because earlier in an interview Shtyrkov said that when they meet, he will first approach Shlemenko and would shake him. hands, because “he is younger”. Several years ago, in 2016-2017, Shtyrkov trained with Shlemenko’s team. In 2019, after Shtyrkov’s first defeat, Chlemenko entered his locker room with the words “if something happens, we are nearby”, but relations between the fighters began to deteriorate around 2022.

Shtyrkov (to summarize) supported Alexander Sarnavsky, who left the Shlemenko hall, and said that he could develop Andrei Koreshkov’s career “1000 times better” (Koreshkov remained in the Shlemenko hall). Shlemenko responded by saying that Shtyrkov said too much to the press and that he could speak personally if he had any questions.

As a result, they found themselves in the same room on May 10 during the media day preceding RCC 19. Each was preparing for their fight, but during the interview Shlemenko was asked if he had any communication with Ivan Shtyrkov, and he replied:

– It was there ? Where is he? You understand, a person is not defined by life at all. What exactly does he want?! I don’t understand: in one interview he says “I shake hands”, in another interview he says “I don’t shake hands”. Petya Yan is a great guy. He came over and said hello. But I understand that Vanya is probably not respected on the street. It is unlikely that anyone will respect him as a person. You see, if he was respected, he would understand how to behave. How to show yourself correctly. And if you come across as an offended girl with hormonal issues, well, here’s how to give some of those reviews… You can call it.

Ivan Shtyrkov arrives and shakes his hand.

Shlemenko: Look, everyone is interested here. Have you decided: do you shake hands or do you not shake hands?

Shtyrkov: I said: if we meet, I will shake hands. What do you do with the content, Sasha? When do you gather journalists around you and try to disperse something ?! Tell me why did you call me?

Shlemenko: You say you learned something there, but you won’t say what, but your attitude towards me has changed. What did you discover?

Shtyrkov: About the situation that arose with Alexander Sarnavsky (Shlemenko’s student who left the team). How you kicked him off the team, how you didn’t call him, didn’t talk to him. Only thanks to people on the left.

Shlemenko: Where did you learn this? Were you present during the conversation? Do you know what these people who speak from hearsay are called? Idiots.

Shtyrkov: You see, Sasha, you and I also had a conflict situation, a misunderstanding. But you didn’t call me either and you started telling people about it too. I don’t know what you didn’t like, maybe I’m preparing in Dagestan or somewhere else. You haven’t called either, even though you say there’s a phone.

Shlemenko: Did he personally tell you, call you and complain? In this situation, he is definitely wrong, and no one asked you, and you are giving an interview, but how did you draw these conclusions yourself?

Shtyrkov: What do you mean? I know the situation as much as I know it, I draw a conclusion from it. But I don’t believe you. I know you can do that – don’t call the person and pass it through someone, say the person was fired from the team. I know you can do this.

Shlemenko: Did you ask me?

Shtyrkov: Why should I ask you if I believe these people? I understood what you did here – you made a clown, Sasha. You’re an adult, but you created a clown show here. You could have spoken to me normally. And we could talk about everything for a long time.

Shlemenko: I just don’t have my phone handy to show how many of your interviews had a title that included the word “Shlemenko.”

Shtyrkov: Apparently they don’t ask you about me. If they ask you, you will answer. If it’s a joint interview, you’ll probably need to prepare for it. Let’s do a joint interview. What is this? This isn’t a conversation, Sasha.

Shlemenko: Well, we talked, and people will draw their own conclusions, and time will put everything in its place. I had a few questions, I asked them and we heard everything we needed.

Shtyrkov: Sasha, I had no questions at all. Well, you created this one… It’s just absurd.

Shlemenko: Well, let this be nonsense. THANKS.

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