Athletistic/Boxing. Alexander Krasyuk, Alexander Usik’s promoter, commented on the Ukrainian boxer’s health after his victory over Tyson Fury. Immediately after the fight, reports emerged that Usik had a broken jaw and he went to the hospital. However, Usyk later personally attended the press conference.

“I was in the locker room when the question arose whether we should first take a doping test or hold a press conference. We were going to go see the journalists, but the doctor intervened. He said Usyk had to undergo an examination. We decided it would be disrespectful to skip the press conference. Alexander showed his respect to everyone present.

As for the injury, it’s nothing serious, it’s an old injury. The doctors just wanted to make sure there was no serious inflammation. No, Usyk didn’t have a broken jaw. I am sure that Alexander will be ready to take revenge,” Krasyuk told reporters.

  • Usik will be the absolute champion for less than two weeks