Usik – Fury. Is there any point in a rematch, other than the financial component?

Usik – Fury.  Is there any point in a rematch, other than the financial component?

The main question: will Fury be better in a re-fight with Usyk?

On the night of May 19th Alexander Usyk, winning in Riyadh now ex-WBC title holder Tyson Furybecame absolute world champion in the heavyweight division. The British boxer, after the defeat, announced readiness to activate the clause on mandatory and immediate revenge, which was stated in the contract for the fight. So far there is no official confirmation of the re-fight between Usyk and Fury. And is a repeat fight necessary? and whether it will definitely arouse such enormous public interest is a big question. Let’s try to figure it out.

How convincing was Usik’s victory over Fury?

In this matter, Ukrainians can hardly be objective, and the score of the judges’ notes suggests that the victory could have been given to any of the boxers. But it seemed that the referees at the ring also knew about a possible rematch and tried to maintain intrigue for the re-fight between Usik and Fury.

It may sound too biased, but it seems that Usik Fury has not been analyzed by anyone over the past 10 years: neither Wilder in his best fights, nor any other opponent of the Gypsy King. Moreover, Usik out-balled Fury, and did not win through lucky punch, dirty manners or other things that cast doubt on the legitimacy of the victory.

Will Fury be better in a rematch?

First, you need to answer the question: how good was the Briton in the fight with Usyk? If this was Fury’s optimal form, and visually it seemed that this was the case, then the Gypsy King certainly wouldn’t get any better.

Oleksandr Usyk – Tyson Fury. Photo – Getty Images

Did Fury surprise Usyk in the first fight? Hardly. In any case, the Briton boxed as predicted (this does not mean bad: knowing what an opponent can do and neutralizing the threat at the right moment, implementing his plan for the fight are two different things) and the way everyone tries to act against Usik: working for distances, clinches, body shots. It seemed that Fury’s uppercuts posed a threat to the Ukrainian, but he also adapted to them.

Will Fury be able to surprise Usik in a rematch? Doubtful. In any case, since Fury’s return to boxing after the depression caused by his victory over Klitschko, the Briton has not changed stylistically. And it’s difficult to do this, given the way Fury fights.

The class of the Gypsy King was quite enough for victories over Chisora, Schwartz and White, and with the capabilities, frankly speaking, in comparison with Usyk, quite limited, Fury dealt with Wilder in one fight. Plus, it must be admitted that in the first fight of their trilogy, the Briton had not yet fully regained the feeling of the ring and fight. And he was not in the best shape. Hence the seemingly minimal transformation.

It is noteworthy that even Fury himself says that he will not change anything in the revenge, he will simply do “the same, but more.” Will it work? Here the question again is in what form and readiness was the Gypsy King on the night of May 19th.

Will Usyk be able to surprise Fury in a rematch?

Perhaps only in even better physical shape. Usik’s manner and style have long been known to everyone – shuttle, good footwork, constant pressure, good pace and speed throughout the fight, excellent body work. But, as already noted, it’s one thing to know and prepare for this, it’s another thing to discover from the first rounds that your preparations are not working as you expected, and you simply cannot keep up with the fast and nimble Mustache.

Usik prepared for the fight with Fury by conducting two full training camps and reaching peak form twice in three months. It is very difficult. For the rematch, if there is one, we hope that one camp will be needed, which will make the task of Usik and his coaching staff much easier. This means we will see Alexander in prime – even faster, more resilient and, most importantly, already understanding how to box and catch Fury.

Why was Usik’s rematch with Joshua necessary and interesting?

For several reasons. The first is that Usik won the heavyweight titles for the first time and many were interested in whether the Ukrainian was really that good in the new division, or whether Joshua had underestimated his opponent, which had already happened to him.

The second reason is the possibility of transformation of the Briton, which we saw in the rematch with Ruiz. AJ really drew conclusions from the first fight and appeared as a different boxer – more thoughtful, cautious and pragmatic.

Anthony Joshua – Alexander Usik, photo – Getty Images

The third reason is the seeming sensationalism of the result of the first fight. Usik’s victory over Joshua looked more impressive in effect than the Ukrainian’s victory over Fury. Now we can assess the level and potential of Usik in the new division. Then, especially against the backdrop of the Ukrainian’s not very impressive performances in fights with Witherspurn and Chisora, the defeat by Joshua Usyk (not according to the judges’ notes, but due to the nature of the fight) was something out of the ordinary.

Will there be a rematch between Usik and Fury for the absolute title?

Also a question. There is information that Usik may soon vacate the world champion title according to the International Boxing Federation (IBF). According to media reports and insiders, the IBF allowed its title to be put on the line and sanctioned the Usyk-Fury fight on the condition that the winner renounces the belt, which will be played on June 1 in the fight between contenders Hrgovic and Dubois.

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If three belts are on the line in the Usyk-Fury rematch, will their re-fight be as interesting?

Instead of conclusions

The first fight between Usik and Fuey was incredible in terms of intensity and drama. But he showed that a rematch can, if not be devoid of intrigue, then come down to a simple thing: who will be better prepared at the moment or will be able to give 120%. Usik is ready for this and has demonstrated his will, character and yes, superpowers more than once. Is Fury ready for this?

In my opinion, a fight between Usik and Wilder would be much more interesting in terms of unpredictability and entertainment. In the end, styles make fights, and the Bronze Bomber is the only top champion in the post-Klitschka era that Usik has not yet defeated. The Ukrainian does not yet have any other worthy and interesting opponents for spectators. Well, with the exception of Joshua again.

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