Athletistic/MMA. UFC President Dana White believes former US President Donald Trump is a patriot of his country. The official called the politician “the most tenacious person he has met in his entire life.”

“Trump is number one. If you take one of the greatest fighters of all time, Donald would definitely be number one. He is the most resilient person I have ever met in my life. Why continue- does he do this? He already has money, a wonderful life, everything he wants, but he won’t stop.

The only thing I can tell you with 100% certainty is that this man loves the USA. He loves all Americans, regardless of their skin color, religion, etc. Trump is certainly not a racist, he is a wonderful person who loves and cares about our country. It is a fact. If he wasn’t such a person, I never would have contacted him,” White said according to Fox News.

As the 2024 presidential campaign progressed, Donald Trump began regularly attending UFC tournaments, as well as other major sporting events. The politician has a long-standing friendship with Dana White. Trump was present at the UFC 302 tournament in Newark (New Jersey, USA), where in the main fight of the evening, Russian Islam Makhachev defeated American Dustin Poirier. Note that after this fight, Trump spoke with the organization’s former lightweight champion, another Russian, Khabib Nurmagomedov.