Gvozdyk: After stress, Fury turns to alcohol and drugs

Gvozdyk: After stress, Fury turns to alcohol and drugs

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The former world champion said his forecast for the rematch between the Ukrainian and the British in the heavyweight division.

Tyson Fury will struggle in his rematch against Oleksandr Usik. This is what former world champion Alexander Gvozdyk said. According to him, the Ukrainian will approach the rematch even more confident and motivated, and therefore the Briton should prepare better.

Gvozdyk also commented on a video showing Fury crawling out of a bar, drunk. Alexander believes that all this is the result of psychological stress after losing the fight for the title of absolute world champion.

“I saw a video of Fury being in some bar and they just brought him.

The training video is like a confession. He said, this is better than the rematch.

I’d say it’s all in Fury’s hands, as Usik is guaranteed to be ready for a rematch. Believe me. I know this man, he will be better.

The question is what Fury can show. I heard that after psychological stress he turned to alcohol and drugs.

Let’s see how he handles everything. If Tyson is in better shape, we could see an interesting fight. The mustache is at least the same, or better. So it all depends on Fury,” Gvozdyk told FightHype.com.

We remind you that Oleksandr Usyk defeated Tyson Fury by split decision and became the first absolute heavyweight champion since 1999.

Earlier, the ex-champion urged Fury to stop drinking and return to training.

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