“There was poisoning, a cold and overtraining.” Aslanbek Badaev – on the condition of the fighter Khamzat Chimaev

“There was poisoning, a cold and overtraining.”  Aslanbek Badaev – on the condition of the fighter Khamzat Chimaev

Vice President of the ASA League Aslanbek Badaev explained to the reasons for the cancellation of the fight. Khamzata Chimaeva at the UFC tournament in Saudi Arabia.

The Russian fighter, who competes in the UFC under the flags of Sweden and the United Arab Emirates, dropped out of the fight with former UFC champion Robert Whittaker, scheduled for June 22 in Riyadh. If he wins, Chimaev could become a contender for the middleweight championship belt. The exact reason for the cancellation was not specified, but one of Chimaev’s training partners, Guram Kutateladze, posted a photo from the hospital next to the fighter lying in the room.

— You said that you had heard about some problems at the Khamzat camp. How long ago did you start hearing that something was wrong?

— More than a month ago, but it was confidential information. The guys said training camp wasn’t going quite well. Either a cold, or poisoning, or something else. That is, something was constantly happening and his condition was not very good. Khamzat suffered for quite a long time, but, as I understood, the guys to the last wanted the fight to take place and believed that he could pull through. We did everything we could, but in the end the body couldn’t handle the stress.

— Have you found out what the final reason for the cancellation was?

– No, to be honest, I didn’t dive straight in. Firstly, it’s not my job and, secondly, it’s not my job as a journalist. I just knew something was wrong, that’s all. Cold and poisoning – those were the definitions. It seems to me that the team decided to either conduct a control fight or give some kind of test load. But I can only guess.

– But it’s not an elbow or a knee, but a general condition?

– Yes, there is no injury, as I understand it, it’s just a condition. There was poisoning, a cold, overtraining.

—Did he run a camp in Dubai?

— Yes, in Dubai.

“Khamzat’s older brother, Artur Chimaev, said that when he had health problems, the head of the Chechen Republic personally told him: ‘Come to Grozny and we will solve everything.’ has there now been a contribution from the leaders of the region?

— As far as I know, Ramzan Akhmatovich (Kadyrov) is in constant contact with Khamzat. But at that time, there was a specific reason that could be solved in the long term. And now there is a certain state, and there, no matter how much you help, there is a date for the fight. You can help, yes, but the fight may be lost. And so they have a constant connection. There is advice, there is support, but in this case the question is that there were a few weeks left before the tournament. Chimaev’s condition does not allow him to fight, Badaev told .

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