Adam Bogatyrev, contender for the ASA belt, spoke about preparations for the fight with Evgeny Goncharov

Adam Bogatyrev, contender for the ASA belt, spoke about preparations for the fight with Evgeny Goncharov

Russian heavyweight Adam Bogatyrev who plays in the ASA League, said in an interview with that he had started preparations for the title fight against Evgenia Goncharova scheduled for August 10 as part of the ACA 178 tournament.

Bogatyrev defeated Kirill Kornilov by choke in the semifinals of the ASA League Heavyweight Grand Prix tournament and became a contender for the organization’s belt. Goncharov’s winning streak reached six fights; in his last fight he defeated Anton Vyazigin. The winner of the Grand Prix Final will receive 15 million rubles.

— For as long as I can remember, you wanted to fight a little later, in September. But the fight was scheduled for August, is there enough time to prepare?

— They called me and offered me either June or July, I said I couldn’t come. And in principle, as I said, I will have time around the end of August – beginning of September. I think I won’t have any preparation problems. The first stage of physical training is almost complete. Now I will gradually remove physical activity to the background and add the technical, tactical and “combat” part.

— Is it difficult to find sparring partners for the small and strong Goncharov?

– There is no problem. There are a few guys who fit his description perfectly.

-Have you started training yet?

— I did a few sparring sessions 2-3 weeks ago, I looked at my condition, how I felt, how I breathed. In principle, I am satisfied, the physical work has paid off. And I think I’ll just be recruiting, so there won’t be any problems.

— Where are you going to prepare until the 10th? Only in Moscow or will you go elsewhere?

— I will prepare as always in Moscow. But recently I went home and had a small meeting. There are a few heavy guys here, one of whom won the 120+ category at the last Russian championship and the other won bronze in the 93 kg category. And here, it’s a stone’s throw from Chechnya, I crossed, worked with the guys, struggled a little, hustled a little. There is such a guy – Zumso Zuraev, now on the 28th he will fight at ACA, very strong, good, somewhat similar to Goncharov. Therefore, I think I will have no problems with my training partner. Now, in a few days, I will return to Moscow, where I will do most of the preparation,” Bogatyrev told .

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