Heavyweight ASA Bogatyrev compared Volkov and Pavlovich’s wrestling skills before their fight

Heavyweight ASA Bogatyrev compared Volkov and Pavlovich’s wrestling skills before their fight

Russian heavyweight Adam Bogatyrev who previously trained with UFC representatives Alexander Volkov And Sergei Pavlovich in an interview with , he rated the athletes’ wrestling skills.

Volkov, 35, and Pavlovich, 32, will fight June 22 at the UFC Riyadh tournament in the evening’s co-main event. The winner of the fight could become a UFC title contender. Volkov is currently on a three-fight winning streak; in his last appearance, Pavlovich lost to Tom Aspinall in a fight for the UFC interim champion belt.

“We didn’t see the Pavlovich fight. And Volkov’s wrestling is often criticized. Let’s say you’re watching them in a grappling match. How would it evolve?

“I think Volkov will try more to solve some problems. Positioning work from above, transfers, changes of positions will be done from Seryoga’s side: he switched to side control, turned around, went north-south, sat down in the mountains. It looks to me like Volkov is going to try to find a painful hold and take a few sweeps, get back up and counterattack. And Sergei will be an offensive wrestler.

— Which would be the most difficult for you to translate?

— It will be difficult for me to translate each of them, I think that out of 10 attempts, I would translate each of them several times. The question is, how many of them will I keep there…

One of them is difficult to hold because its limbs are unrealistically large. That is, you are somehow holding his legs and trying to pull him down, but he is already standing and you are on your knees. And it’s difficult to hold the second, because he can support you, because his physique is good,” Bogatyrev told .

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