“Traffic officers in Makhachkala turn on the green light.” Shara Bullet heads into her second UFC fight

“Traffic officers in Makhachkala turn on the green light.”  Shara Bullet heads into her second UFC fight

Charabutdin Magomedov has a flair for not only fighting stand-up, but also gaining popularity. “There are a lot of Magomedovs in Dagestan, so I realized that I must be Shara Bullet,” this is his reasoning two years ago. After that, in addition to knockouts, he left a lot of hooks for his audience, promised to win for good Russian men in his UFC debut, said that he could not lose to the German on June 22 (Joilton Lutterbach is his new opponent), and called himself a pirate, who is looking for gold.

Shara is a true comic book heroine who can fight for real. In his first fight in the UFC, Sharabutdin defeated a very strong Brazilian Bruno Silva. And now he is threatened by a Brazilian who seems to know how to fight.

From the interview you will learn:

…and be sure to read here it’s an interview.

— If it were up to you, how many fights would you have had since October of last year when you made your UFC debut?

– I would like to fight more often, but some moments destabilized me, there was uncertainty with the visa for the USA… Now I am back, as it happened. I wanted to fight in Saudi Arabia before Ramadan, March 2. I am interested in certain historical dates, in historical tournaments. Now here is the first tournament in Saudi Arabia in UFC history.

— Have you opted for a visa for the United States?

– Yes, I was approved for one year of work.

— Do you want to fight or train in America?

– I want to fight and train there, but I believe that there are still many coaches in Russia who can teach me a lot, and I still need to absorb a lot of different things, m train more. Now I want to approach this with great desire. Previously, I struggled to pay coaches and travel to some training camps. I had to get out of this somehow. And now I think I’ll have no problem with that. If I want, I will fly to any coach in the world and gain experience from him.

“You said you could barely see out of one eye. Do you think the athletic commission will allow you to compete in America?

— So far, I haven’t heard that there might be any problems. I don’t know. I heard that there are some athletic commissions in some states, they are very strict in every way. And perhaps it also depends on the principles of a particular doctor. So it all depends on the state, we will choose the one where we can play, then we will see.

— Which arena would you like to perform in first: Madison Square Garden or T-Mobile?

— I would like to be in New York.

— Khabib said that with the advent of popularity, it became impossible for him to just walk alone in Makhachkala, in the center, for example. Can you walk around Makhachkala for an hour without anyone bothering you?

– Well, I don’t know. I try not to do that, because sometimes passing cars stop and people start getting out and taking pictures. That’s one thing when you’re on vacation: taking photos is no problem. And when you’re preparing, every minute is planned: you have to have time to eat, to go to training, to have time to sleep. It can be difficult in the process. But it also has its advantages. Somewhere someone is going to a meeting: traffic cops in Makhachkala simply turn on the green light.

— Well, that means they take a lot of pictures with you?

— There, you know what it’s like: you’re walking and no one is taking photos, everything is calm. Then a person will ask to take a photo, and that’s it! It caught fire. And this spark can no longer be extinguished – there is such a moment. But until it ignites, you can move calmly, like an invisible person.

—Last time, I asked if your daughters knew that their father is the popular fighter Shara Bullet. Are your parents asked about your career?

— Yes, my relatives, my friends, my loved ones are bombarded with questions about my career, as if they were seeing it in front of them. And they ask questions that you really can’t find on the Internet. This attention, yes, people are interested in learning from someone close to them how things really happen.

— Was there a funny case when relatives passed on someone’s question?

“As a child, a child just made me laugh. » We went to the hammam. And there was a village where there was a good hammam. We went. As we were driving in one of the guys saw me, and as we were driving the building was surrounded by young people, there was already a crowd waiting on the street. I went out too. They started taking photos. And one of the guys, probably about six years old, said to me, “How much money do you have at home?”

— Let me ask you a question about wrestling: in the first UFC fight, Dana White made fun of your transfer defense, and base striker Bruno Silva was able to transfer you three times. If Joylton Lutterbach transfers you twice, will you consider that a bad outcome for yourself?

– Well, if he translates twice, I think so. If it’s just once, it doesn’t matter.

— The strongest grappler you trained with in Dagestan?

— Marat Gafurov. I think he’s one of the toughest grapplers I’ve ever faced. I often go to training with him, it’s very difficult with him. Literally, even if it stays attached to your little finger, it will definitely drag you into deep waters. And he, when we fight with him, says: “You are a pirate, you are on a ship, and I am a shark in the water, and I am dragging you into deep waters. It is dangerous to jump from ships into the sea with it.

— I saw the knockout of your opponent, after which he took the nickname Sub-Zero: he hit the guy, and he literally froze in the ropes. What do you think of that?

– He works as he is given to work. Some opponents gave him the opportunity to strike like this. But it will be difficult for him to adapt to me. Because I’m going to surpass him in every aspect of stand-up. He will run to the ground. Precisely to be saved. Yesterday I heard him say he would dominate me like Khabib. But I haven’t met fighters like Khabib yet: he knows how to control and punch. Lutterbach keeps him down and Khabib slams him to the ground.

— I was not too lazy and watched the interview with Lutterbach, where he says that the fight with Bruno Silva showed that you can be killed in his arms and that he will do it.

– Well, let him try. Everyone has their strengths, and for Bruno Silva, they were his hands. And somewhere Silva entered, somewhere I entered. It is impossible to come out of a battle as clean as water. Therefore, everyone will try their luck, but in his nightmares he never dreamed of what awaited him in the cage with me. If he decides to kill him in his arms, I will be happy to meet him.

— Have you been a football goalkeeper and watched at least one European Championship match in progress?

— It’s probably already been 10 years since I graduated. So Anzhi flew everywhere and I stopped looking. At one point, I was a big fan of Anzhi, right from my childhood, when I was still a kid. I tried to attend all the matches. And then, when this club was looted, it became disgusting. I got exhausted and stopped getting sick.

I was a CSKA fan when Jo and Vagner Love were still there, when they won the UEFA Cup. At that time, I followed and bought all the magazines. Transfers, news followed everything that was interesting. And now everything is fried, I don’t even know which players are playing where.

– Oliver Kahn, Gianluigi Buffon and Thibaut Courtois – who would you choose to speak and train with?

– Oliver Kahn – he has always been my favorite player. My brother supported Buffon and we watched their competition, but I was always for Kahn.

— Can you find a pair of goalkeeper gloves at home now?

— Basically, I didn’t have any goalkeeper gloves. A few times I’ve had real ones, but more often than not I just put on winter gloves. Or maybe he just grabbed it with his hands.

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