UFC fighter Volkov answered the question if he was ready to retire for a million dollars

UFC fighter Volkov answered the question if he was ready to retire for a million dollars

Russian heavyweight Alexander Volkov At the media day before the UFC tournament in Saudi Arabia, he answered the question of whether he was ready to retire for a million dollars and said that by fighting with Sergei Pavlovich only used half of his offensive arsenal.

On June 22, at the UFC tournament in Riyadh, 35-year-old Russian heavyweight Volkov will meet with former sparring partner Sergei Pavlovich, who occupies third place in the heavy division rankings. This will be Volkov’s 48th professional fight since beginning his professional career in 2009. Volkov is on a three-fight winning streak and could become a heavyweight title contender if he successfully finishes the fight against Pavlovich.

—If you were offered a million dollars to end your career right now, would you agree?

“You know what they say, if Grandma had a beard, she’d be Grandpa.” I will probably answer this way.

— You played several rounds with Sergei Pavlovich. Can you say that he saw in them your entire offensive arsenal, and could it be that last year, even though you didn’t train together, you added something to it?

– My arsenal is a jab… And also a low kick. In the fight with Pavlovich, I only threw the jab, so we can say that I only used half of my arsenal.

— Sergey said that he signed the contract for this fight only because you signed it and initially you had an agreement to fight only in the event of a title fight.

— Sergei is a bit deceptive about this. By the time I was offered a fight, he already knew about this fight and had already accepted it. We agreed only a day later and after thinking about the whole situation.

— Sergei says he doesn’t like your humor, but he likes the humor of the “Full House” program. Have you heard this quote?

“It seems to me that if a person misses the opportunity to laugh, he misses the opportunity to prolong his life.” A minute of laughter prolongs life, as they say. It’s just that sometimes I joke a little more complexly, there are references, and I can understand that he doesn’t find it very funny, ”reports a correspondent, reporting Volkov’s words.

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