Athletistic/Boxing. British boxer Tyson Fury explained his defeat in the fight against Alexander Usik.

“Now I train five times a week. I’m not doing anything special. I did three training camps in a row. The first took place in September last year, and then I almost immediately started preparing Usyk. I trained over Christmas and New Years until February. Then I took a break for a few weeks because of the break and started training again. Five workouts a week is like a vacation to me.

Yes, I lost. But there’s no point crying over something that’s already happened. This is all in the past. Even though I thought I was ready to win.

I lost by split decision, but it didn’t affect me at all. Even if I became an absolute champion, I would still do what I do today: take the kids to school, clean up after the dog, run.

Why did I lose to Usik? The problem was, I was having too much fun. I made fun of him in the ring! I enjoyed the fight too much, I started having fun and I paid dearly in the ninth round,” Fury said in an interview with FurocityEnergy.

  • Fury: “The fight with Usik was easier than I thought. It was like I was fighting an amateur boxer. »