Athletistic/MMA. Russian heavyweight MMA fighter Alexander Volkov spoke about the contradictory behavior of his compatriot Sergei Pavlovich. The day before, June 22, they fought at the UFC tournament in Saudi Arabia.

The fight ended with Volkov winning by unanimous decision. After the fight, Volkov approached his opponent to shake his hand, but Pavlovich pushed him.

“In my opinion, it was an ugly act. I would really like to understand why he was so offended. But if he misunderstood something, that’s his problem, not mine.

After the fight, I was surprised to hear Sergei swear for the first time. He sent me. I haven’t heard anything like that from him. Apparently he has problems with me.

Volkov reacted to Pavlovich’s action by pushing him away after the fight

I leave this situation behind and move on with my life. And let the people who watch the UFC judge him.

What will happen if our paths cross? If he attacks me, I will call the police,” Volkov said at a press conference.