Ramazanov Returns to Ring After Disqualification to Fight Petchtannong at ONE Friday Fights 68

Ramazanov Returns to Ring After Disqualification to Fight Petchtannong at ONE Friday Fights 68

Former ONE featherweight champion Alaverdi Ramazanov (64-9) is set to return from a six-month suspension to face Muay Thai veteran Petchtannong Patchfergus (400+ fights) at ONE Friday Fights 68 in Bangkok on June 28.

Ramazanov, known for his explosive fighting style and experience at the highest level, is expected to return after being suspended for an in-ring outburst following the Jonathan Haggerty fight in January. Ramazanov was suspended for six months for running into the ring and trying to provoke a confrontation with Haggerty.

Ramazanov’s opponent, Petchthannong, is an experienced fighter who has won numerous championship titles during his 30-year Muay Thai career.

Ramazanov spoke to ONE about his expectations for the fight with Petchtannong and preparations for his return.

— A lot of time has passed since your last fight. Will this affect your performance?

— More than eight months have passed since the last fight. Of course, this affected my condition. As they say, “fighting rust” has harmful consequences. Downtime always has a negative impact on an athlete, and after that it is difficult to get involved in both training and fighting.

— Has anything changed in your life during this time away from intense training and performances?

— During the first 3-4 months I was at home, I hardly trained, I was just recovering. I have two children now and when I was at home I became attached to them so it was hard to leave them. I have been studying Arabic for 6 months and I read it fluently.

– You have to fight a powerful opponent – Petchtannong. What are your thoughts on his fighting style?

— Petchtannong is a very serious opponent. This will be an exciting and unpredictable fight as we are both high quality fighters who fight with skill and intelligence. He is an experienced and talented competitor with a high fight IQ.

– What would winning a fight mean to you at this stage of your career? Does this bring you closer to the specific goals you set for yourself in ONE Championship?

– Of course, it’s a fight of candidates. I am a former ONE kickboxing champion. There aren’t many fighters in our weight class who have been performing at this high a level for this long. The winner of this fight will definitely compete for the title of champion. I don’t care who the champion fights, whether it’s Haggerty or another opponent. Haggerty is a famous and technical fighter, many people know him, he is popular in England and Thailand. I’m confident I can beat him, so I have every right to demand this fight.

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Source : MatchTV

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