Former UFC fighter Andrei Orlovsky spoke about the main rule of public behavior during his career.

“My first manager immediately told me: don’t answer anything if Dana White criticizes you. Apparently, thanks to that, I stayed so long in the UFC.

There are many good examples of people fighting alongside the UFC. Tito Ortiz was the champion, so what? No, I was quiet. I didn’t speak English very well. Plus, I always thought Dana was the boss here, it was best not to argue with him. I kept my mouth shut.

I remember after the fight with Jake O’Brien, I didn’t allow myself to express myself either. I didn’t fight for seven or nine months, I had the opportunity to join another organization. I thought that if I won, I would continue to fight. And so simple. I won and I was criticized. But I said: ‘Sorry.’ It works,” Orlovsky told MMA Hour.

Recall that Orlovsky made his UFC debut in 2000, and he fought against O’Brien in March 2008.