ASA Champion Pavel Vitruk Named Four Desired Opponents in the League

ASA Champion Pavel Vitruk Named Four Desired Opponents in the League

ASA Bantamweight Champion Pavel Vitruk In a conversation with , he named Magomed Bibulatova , Alexander Podlesny , Rustam Kerimov and Josiel Silva as desired opponents.

Vitruk knocked out Oleg Borisov in the fourth round in mid-April to win the ASA belt. Vitruk, 34, has 19 wins, six losses and one draw. Magomed Bibulatov and Mehdi Baidulaev will meet in the ASA Bantamweight Grand Prix final, but there is no exact date for that fight yet.

— To be honest, I don’t know the schedule. The Grand Prix final is coming up. It’s not clear who is running as a contender. Therefore, it’s hard for me to answer the question about which opponent I want. Any of the top 10 is accused – anyone. Stylistically, my fight with Magomed Bibulatov would be interesting. He also prefers to work standing. We would have had a more entertaining and dynamic fight compared to a fight with an opponent who likes to fight more. Although I can fight. But it won’t be as colorful as a standing fight. It would be interesting for me to fight Magomed Bibulatov. It would also be interesting to fight Rustam Kerimov, Alexander Podlesny, Josiel Silva. Silva gained good momentum and beat the tops. But I don’t think I’ll have much choice. It will be either a Grand Prix winner or a high-ranking winner. But I have listed those I would be interested in meeting,” Vitruk told .

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Source : MatchTV

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