Ruslan Khamzaev explained why Orlovsky is not interesting for the ASA league

Ruslan Khamzaev explained why Orlovsky is not interesting for the ASA league

ASA vice-president Ruslan Khamzaev told that the league had no interest in the Belarusian fighter. Andrei Orlovsky.

At UFC 303 in Las Vegas, Orlovsky lost to Slovakian Martin Budaj by split decision and suffered his fourth consecutive defeat. UFC chief Dana White told the show’s ambassador that Orlovsky, 45, would no longer participate in the league. Earlier, RCC executive director Nikolai Klimenko told that the Belarusian fighter was interesting for the league.

— Andrei Orlovsky has won and lost during his long and eventful career, but he has always been interesting. Unfortunately, as often happens in sports … It’s already age. Orlovsky is 45 years old. No one has yet found magic pills or spells to somehow negotiate with age. Of course, Orlovsky is still of interest to many MMA fans. And in the ASA in particular, he could arouse great interest and resonance in the world of mixed martial arts. But what will this bring to the league? With whom can he be “put” today in the ASA? With the league champion Evgeny Goncharov? With ex-champion Mukhumat Vakhaev? With ex-champion Tony Johnson? With Anton Viazigin? With whom? I don’t know.

And then a man who was under contract with the UFC for 25 years, a former champion of the league … I admit that he has completely shameless appetites. We did not talk about it with him, but I am sure that this is exactly what will happen. Let’s summarize. First, age. Secondly, condition and sports form. Now it’s time to think about the crystal jaw. Thirdly, the amount of fees. Fourthly, our “friends of fate”, of whom there are many, will never miss the opportunity to “throw a stone in our garden”. With many “best wishes” and shout to the whole world that in search of names, we gather in our ranks the downed pilots. In general, I think no, the league is not interested in him today, “Khamzaev told .

During his MMA career, Orlovsky, 45, has won 34 matches, suffered 24 losses, and two more of his fights were declared invalid. The Belarusian fighter made his UFC debut in the fall of 2000, and from 2008 to 2013 he competed in other organizations.

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