“There were operations when it was necessary to make an injection in the eye” – MMA fighter Sharabutdin Magomedov

Average weight Sharabutdin Magomedov who plays in the Fight Nights, RCC and Our Business leagues, told about an eye condition he suffered early in his career.

Currently, 28-year-old Magomedov, known in MMA as Shara Bullet, is performing successfully as a professional.

You said you had eight eye operations. Was it expensive?

– Took a lot of money. But at that time, I was under the care of my parents. I found myself in a difficult situation – I did not train for two years, I did not fight. In principle, you can divide my whole career into “before” and “after” this injury. But after that, I collected my thoughts, my friends believed in me, and everything was fine.

What does eye surgery look like?

– Before the operation, I was mainly afraid of an injection in the eye. I watched this video. Very unpleasant. I thought that was the most boring thing ever. And there were such operations when an injection in the eye had to be made, where it was removed, one might say. At this time, local anesthesia is administered, but you feel everything.

– “They gouged out the eye”?

“They pierce it from two or three sides. It seems that a puncture is a camera, and the other two are something to pump, upload something there. I had many different stages, my eyes were tortured specifically.

– What was the doctor’s final recommendation?

– The doctor says: the worst thing that can happen to your eye has already happened. Therefore, you can practice.

In MMA, Magomedov won 9 out of 9 fights earlier than expected by knockout or technical knockout. The fighter can arrange the next fight in the AMC Fight Nights league.

Source : MatchTV

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