“French fans said: ‘En avant, Russie’ – Kopylov’s manager after winning UFC in Paris

“French fans said: ‘En avant, Russie’ – Kopylov’s manager after winning UFC in Paris

Russian fighter manager Romana Kopylova Alexander Skaredin, in a chat with , said French fans supported the fighter during the UFC tournament in Paris.

Kopylov knocked out Italian Alessio di Chirico in the third round at the first UFC tournament in France and earned his first victory under the auspices of the promotion.

– You played in the first UFC tournament in France. Given your experience of shows abroad, how do you judge the organization of the tournament in Paris?

“For me, this is the second UFC event, which was the first for a certain country,” Skaredin told . – I will not be surprised – I was at the first salon of the organization in Russia. What I love is that wherever the UFC hosts an event, everything is the same, at the highest possible level. It’s just a gun.

We have a lot of experience watching the work from the inside, it’s just amazing – the guys are doing an amazing job. You can see that every single person on the site is getting high on their work. And they make it clear to the fighters – whether it’s the main fight or the preliminary fight – that they are the main participants in the process. It’s an indescribable feeling.

Paris is very cool. A lot of Italians came here, who booed us on the way out. Igor Glazkov and Max Ponomarev were in the stands with our team, and they said that in a moment of joy at the result, the French cheered them on and said: “Forward, Russia.” The atmosphere is great! The arena was packed, we are happy to be part of this story.

– In general, the tournament was a success.

Paris is great!

– Well, can I conclude that you didn’t feel any negativity towards yourself?

– Absolutely none. Everything is correct and respectful. Yes, when entering the battle, quite a few Italians booed us, but this certainly cannot be called negative. We understand that they supported their fighter. He crossed no borders. On the contrary, I like these things. It’s so joyful to break someone’s high.

I would like to pay tribute to the UFC. When most of our sport is banned, barred, not a single fighter has been fired, the guys are not idle. To me, that’s the epitome of sportsmanship. We are happy to have the opportunity to defend the honor of our country in international competitions and achieve victories.

Source : MatchTV

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