Borrachinha and Chimaev argue, and Nate Díaz’s coach explains confusion

Borrachinha and Chimaev argue, and Nate Díaz’s coach explains confusion

Paulo Borrachinha got into an argument with Khamzat Chimaev at UFC PI; Brazilian made a post teasing the Chechen: “Not a real gangster”

Paulo Borrachinha and Khamzat Chimaevled to a ruckus at the UFC Performance Institute (UFC PI). The discussion between the fighters was due to a post by the Brazilian provoking his rival on social networks. In the images published by the channels of Borrachinha and “The Mac Life”, the Chechen appeared asking for satisfaction.

In the publication, Borrachinha wrote that the opponent is a “Chechen gourmet” and “is not a real gangster”. When he found the miner, Chimaev questioned the post and started the discussion. the brazilian Alan FinfouKhamzat’s jiu-jitsu coach, took sides and also got involved in the squabble. watch:

“Did you tell me to f*** myself? I am here. You’re a slacker!” said Chimaev to the Brazilian. “You are gourmet. The Chechen Gourmet! Do you want to fight me? I want to fight you. Do you want to fight me? Come here, I’m here now. You are loose!”shot Borrachinha in the sequence.

Finfou, then, got in the middle of the argument and came out in defense of the Chechen: “Breaking in! Is that what you were wanting? Heads up? Is this what you were wanting, partner? Isn’t that what you were thinking about?, he said to his countryman. “What are you talking to me about? I don’t know who you are. Go f***! Go take the c***! Who are you?”, replied the miner.

Chimaev questions Borrachinha for post on social media (Credit: GettyImages)

Rubber Version

In the video published on his official channel, Paulo Borrachinha kept his speech about Chimaev and told what happened at UFC PI. According to the miner, he was training some jiu-jitsu techniques with Jake Shieldstechnician of Nate Diaz. The American fighter will be the Chechen’s rival this Saturday, 10th, for the welterweight (up to 77kg), in the main event of UFC 279.

“He is the gourmet Chechen. He’s a bully against smaller guys, but he’s shy with guys like me. I was training jiu-jitsu with Jake Shields, Nate Diaz’s coach. And Chimaev stayed there to watch and learn some techniques from us, I don’t know. And he called me, said my name: ‘Hey, Borrachinha, why did you talk about me?’”, said Paul.

“I said I wanted to fight him and asked if he wants to fight me. He said, ‘No, I want to know why you talked about me.’ This guy was scared as fuck. see”, continued. “Just so you know, I don’t need a bunch of guys with me. I am the one man army. I walk alone and I can hit you alone, with just one hand.” completed.

Coach explains fight

Jake Shields confirmed Borrachinha’s version and stated that the two were training when Chimaev came to take a position from the Brazilian. In an interview with the North American website “MMA Junkie”, the former Ultimate fighter said: “I was there this morning training with Paulo Costa, working on some techniques and, out of nowhere, Khamzat (Chimaev) started yelling at us and cursing Paulo, challenging him to fight. We looked at him and he was with ten guys. Paulo went over there and started chatting. I went after Paulo, because I didn’t know if they would try to attack him, right? I didn’t recognize some guys”.

“He kept calling Paulo to the fight, but he was saying that going down the stairs. It looked more like an act for the cameras than anything else. Someone said later that he had been watching our training for ten minutes. If he wanted to fight, he would have run over there and attacked Paulo, not stood outside the cage screaming. It felt like a weakness. He was upset because Paulo called him a ‘fake gangster’ but this was the perfect example of him being a fake gangster.” completed.

Source: sportbuzz

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