Anderson Silva pins Dana White and reveals about UFC

Anderson Silva opened the game about Dana White and commented on his future, in addition to remembering some episodes related to the UFC; see details about the topic

Anderson Silva and Dana White never had a great relationship UFC and it was marked by several conflicts. The fighter, by the way, is one of the greatest champions in the history of Ultimate, but he only understood his value to the world of sport after he left the franchise. In an interview for “Combate”, the Brazilian made some strong revelations regarding the amount that each professional receives in the market.

Anderson Silva highlighted that leaving the UFC was important for him, even though he was in Dana White’s sights: “I was in the same situation for a long time and it took a while for things to happen. And when things happened, they started way back when I had the opportunity to work with Nine. Things were changing and I started to understand my value. And then I had the opportunity to leave the UFC, which was a gift that I got to have left the UFC, to have left the contract“.

It was a great learning experience knowing what to do and what not to do. What am I supposed to do here? Now I am master of my destiny, the letter of manumission has been signed, what do I have to do now? What is wrong and what is right? How is Anderson’s image as a brand? How is Anderson’s image as an athlete? How is Anderson’s image outside of fights? Let’s organize this. What do you need? I need the right people and you can’t be afraid, like those things that have a lot with MMA athletes and in other sports too: the guy doesn’t want to spend to do the right thing and then he ends up spending a lot more up front. I managed to open my mind to this and I have a team that is super professional“, followed.

Anderson Silva still followed his justification about leaving the UFC and gave advice to fighters who are in Dana White’s franchise: “First of all, people need to understand how the machine works. Then, after that, the fighters have to have the courage to unite and the ability to understand their value within the market. And each of them do their best so that they are united and fight for what is best for them. There’s no way for a guy to just fight (…). (Sometimes) someone comes and says: “come on, I’m going to pay you 30 million; come on, I’m going to pay you 50 million; come on, I’m going to pay you five times more than you won in a fight in the UFC”.

Anderson Silva opened up about the UFC and took the opportunity to snipe Dana White (Credit: GettyImages)

It’s very easy for you to say that when you don’t have a signed contract, when you don’t have someone representing you. There’s no way to come and say: “ah, the UFC is doing this… In the MMA community, promoters do everything wrong.” People need to unite, athletes need to unite, athletes need to review their managers, review their marketing team, your business team, to reach a consensus all together and get what they want. It’s no use complaining that (boxer) Tyson Fury made I don’t know how many billions and the MMA heavyweight didn’t make 1% or 0 .1%. You have to fight first, you have to prepare yourself first. The MMA community is not prepared for this“, he added.

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