“Shlemenko didn’t mean to offend the nation, he just challenged the athletes.” Kleber Sousa – about the sentence about “Brazilian liars”

Rival Alexandra Chlemenko During the SFC 5 tournament, the 37-year-old Brazilian Kleber Souza (23 wins, 13 losses in MMA) commented on “” about the Russian’s words after beating Maikel Falcao.

Shlemenko won the fight and said emotionally to the camera, “We are the champions, and the Brazilians…are over there,” pointing to the eliminated opponent at the Bellator 88 tournament. Now Shlemenko will have to fight another opponent of Brazil on 30 September.

– When Shlemenko knocked out Falcao, he said the famous line: “We are the champions and the Brazilians are lying there.” Has this sentence been translated into Portuguese and is it known in Brazil?

– Yes, these words have spread here, and therefore many Brazilians want to fight him, perceiving this as a kind of challenge. But she does not offend me at all, does not cause anger in me, I want to come and show her in the cage who will lie where.

With this sentence, as I said, he did not touch the Brazilian nation, but challenged the Brazilian athletes. Souza told .

For Shlemenko, this fight will be the 78th professional fight of his career. The fight will lead the Omsk tournament and will be held in the middleweight category up to 84 kg.

Source : MatchTV

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