“Here Datsik hung on with his horns.” Emelianenko and Datsik had a falling out over tattoos issue

In the official statistics of Alexander Emelianenko in MMA, 28 wins, 9 losses. Vyacheslav Datsik has 6-8. These figures do not prevent them from standing on the threshold of one of the most anticipated fights ever staged in Russia. The word “expected” here can be taken literally: the first public conflict between Datsik and Emelianenko took place in 2010. Emelianenko was broadcast on a federal channel and asked whether Vyacheslav Datsik posed a threat to society and whether he was true that he felt no pain. Emelianenko said that he had already asked his acquaintances from St. Petersburg athletes to let him know if they saw Datsik somewhere. Alexander planned to come “debunk the myth that Datsik doesn’t feel pain”.

Datsik did not need a federal channel to respond, the fighter simply recorded a video against the background of the flag, with two zigzags and the motto of the SS troops in Norwegian. In such an interior, Datsik said that he “does not observe Emelianenko among athletes” and that Emelianenko should explain why he stuffed others on some tattoos (eight-pointed stars on his shoulders).

According to Vyacheslav, Emelianenko marked the “thieves’ stars” with clouds for a reason, and for this he may have questions.

The battle between them demanded it, but for a good part of those 12 years, employees of the Federal Penitentiary Service stood in the way of its organization: Emelianenko and Datsik simply did not find themselves free at the same time. When the schedules coincided and the athletes were over 40, the fight was finally named: on September 24, Emelianenko and Datsik should have a boxing match designed for six three-minute rounds. The match will go to their official pro boxing stats. Now boxer Emelianenko has 1 win and 1 draw, Datsik has a one fight win against Saulo Cavalari.

The most interesting thing is that a year ago Vyacheslav publicly mocked Emelianenko’s decision to kill the tattoos, but he said nothing about it for three consecutive pre-fight press conferences. , and in general, everything was too quiet. We decided to fix it.

– In 2010 you said that you would like to debunk the myth that Vyacheslav Datsik does not feel pain. Is it still important for you to do this? – a question to Emelianenko.

— No, it doesn’t matter, everything flows, everything changes. And I’m also getting smarter, wiser, more experienced, so, Datsik, don’t look back, don’t live in the past, look forward, make plans, look forward. said Emelianenko.

Datsic: I took it and turned my back. It’s still early, San. After I knock you out, I’m going to hit your head in the ring, well, you say, “Yeah, that’s it, it’s over.” Now it’s too early to turn your back. If you promised to show a fight, then go all out to show it.

Emelianenko: Learn, Datsik, to speak. You just chewed.

Question from MatchTV: After all, at the time of the first conflict, you both lived in St. Petersburg – but in reality there could be a meeting between you, could someone arrange it?

Emelianenko: Impossible. Datsik was always running somewhere in the alleys, even though he knew where I was training when I was training. What gyms.

Question from MatchTV: Vyacheslav, we recorded you a year ago after the fight with Kofi King, then you spent a few minutes on the subject of Alexander’s tattoos, you even wanted to ask someone you know what will happen to Alexander for the fact that he filled himself with the outlines of the clouds on the stars on his shoulders. It’s the third time you and him have been in the same room – do you have anything to say to him about it?

Datsic: So what do you know? Everything is clear to everyone, people know everything – and why Sasha marked the stars of thieves with clouds, let him better tell himself …

Emelianenko: Datsik, if you want to say something, you better say it yourself. And then I periodically look up and see that the threads are torn, and they say to me: “Datsik passed here, caught on his horns.” You say Datsik.

Datsic: I was asked a question and I forwarded it to you.

Emelianenko: Once again I tell you, if I don’t speak for you, that doesn’t mean that I don’t know anything. I lived a lot in the city of St. Petersburg, and I still have a lot of friends there, and I have friends from Datsik’s entourage. Again – if I don’t say anything about Datsik, that doesn’t mean I don’t know anything.

Datsic: Tell us better how and why the guys from the Chernyshevskaya gymnasium were closed and who contributed to it. They asked me a lot of questions for you.

Emelianenko: First time I hear about it.

Datsic: Sanya likes to change his life principles and positions, at first he had one life position, then he became another.

Emelianenko: I have never changed and do not refuse words, actions…

Datsic: …and why did he score stars?!

[в этот момент менеджер и супруга Дацика жестами показывают Вячеславу прекратить развивать тему]

Emelianenko: …has always lived and emerged from all situations with dignity.

After that it got boring again.

At the duel of views, Datsik growled, and Emelianenko asked a logical question: “I don’t understand that you growl all the time, are you a dog or something?”

This is what one of the most anticipated fights in Russian martial arts looks like.

Source : MatchTV

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