“You can bring a rhino with an elephant into battle.” Shtyrkov gives prediction for Emelianenko – Datsik duel

Russian Mixed Martial Artist (MMA) Ivan Shtyrkov became almost the first to train with the revived quarry Alexander Emelianenko. He, in turn, is now preparing for a boxing match with Vyacheslav Datsik. Emelianenko was in a rehabilitation center in Yekaterinburg from the end of May, and from the end of June he began the active phase of preparation. Closer to the meeting with Datsik, Emelianenko Jr. began to perform special work at the Yekaterinburg Martial Arts Academy with local fighters.

And now, with less than a week to go until the controversial, but many-awaited boxing showdown between Emelianenko and Datsik, has spoken to Shtyrkov, who plays in the RCC league.

Ivan considers Emelianenko the winner of the battle, which will take place on September 24 in Moscow. Shtyrkov also admitted that he was not so interested in the boxing match between Magomed Ismailov and Alexander Ilich, which created the main sensation of the year in Russian martial arts in the August fight with Alexander Shlemenko. The fight between Ismailov and Ilic will take place on October 7 in Moscow.

By the way, Shtyrkov took part in the co-main fight of this RCC show, when he knocked out the strong Nasrudin Nasrudinov in the first round. Shtyrkov, 34, has 21 wins, two losses and a draw in MMA, as well as one successful fight in 2022 under boxing rules.

Due to Alexander Emelianenko, 41, 28 wins, nine losses and one draw in MMA. The last time the heavyweight fighter fought under MMA rules was in November 2021, when he lost to middleweight Brazilian Marcio Santos. Emelianenko’s last MMA victory was in July 2018.

In boxing, Emelianenko defeated powerlifter Mikhail Koklyaev and blogger Artem Tarasov. At the end of February, Alexander defeated Jeff Monson via unanimous decision in a bare knuckle bout.

Datsik, on the other hand, performs much more often – in his tally for 2022, boxing victories over Bigfoot Silva, Saulo Cavalari, a defeat of Islam Karimov (also according to boxing rules), as well as a triumph over Jeff Monson in MMA.

Ismailov has a successful fight by the rules of boxing – in February the Russian defeated Nigerian Olanrewaja Durodolu by unanimous decision of the judges.


– Ivan, would it be okay to call you Emelianenko’s training partner?

– We fought a bit, but it wasn’t like we did all the training. With Sasha, she was precise, based on all the nuances. Also, he fought in boxing, not MMA. It didn’t make sense for us to train, although we had a few practice sessions.

– In general, how do you judge your participation in the camp of Emelianenko Jr.?

– Sasha, in principle, prepared according to our team plan, on some issues they consulted with him, discussed some points for him. In general, we worked according to a plan, with the exception of some nuances – work on the legs, special work.

– Can you evaluate a fighter according to the “before and after” criteria, and also name their strengths and weaknesses?

“Before his critical condition and after he was returned to normal?” What to add here – you see everything yourself. And it’s not worth talking about the weak and strong sides before the battle. I will keep this a secret.

– What is your prediction for the confrontation between Emelianenko and Datsik?

– Sasha burns with this confrontation, this is her motivation. I bet on Sasha to win.

– And how would you characterize the Red Tarzan?

– A brawler without a special punch boxing technique. Yes, he packs a strong punch, but at this weight that’s not uncommon. I hope that Sasha will fulfill all her plans 100%.


– In the summer you made a successful debut in the professional ring. When can we expect your new boxing performance?

– It is difficult to answer the question about the boxing match. Although there are proposals for MMA, and the schedule is quite tight. In MMA, I look like a weight race. Therefore, it is often impossible to fight – a lot of time is spent on eyeliner. At the moment I am not considering the possibility of organizing a boxing match and there are no good offers. I don’t want to fight for money either.

– Earlier, RCC Executive Director Nikolai Klimenko told that your fight with Vadim Nemkov is being considered on the December show. Are there other offers for MMA?

– There are proposals, in the near future, perhaps there will be information. And so – yes, in December, the RCC traditionally hosts a major tournament. And I’m thinking of playing there, I’m already planning preparations, a camp.

– How do you see the boxing match between Ismailov and Serb Ilic?

– I don’t watch it. Someone just wanted to do it, found the money. Like 90% of all these fights we have in Russia. There is no problem. You can bring a rhino with an elephant into battle if, roughly speaking, you find the motivation. And what can be the motivation of professional fighters? Grandmothers come first. Good offer – and here you get a fight. This fight does not interest me at all.

– Ismailov’s fee for this fight under the auspices of the Pravda league will be 30 million rubles. How do you like this amount?

– To say the least, I’m freaking out. And I’m so happy that people can pay that kind of money for such work.

– Earlier, the possibility of arranging a boxing match between you and Ismailov was discussed. As I understand it, this idea is now irrelevant?

Apparently this is no longer relevant. Maga chose another employer, so to speak. So no. I don’t like pop stuff.

Source : MatchTV

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