Charles Leclerc urges FIA to do better

Charles Leclerc believes that Formula 1 should not allow situations such as those that occurred after the finish of the Japanese Grand Prix, when even race winner Max Verstappen did not know that he had become world champion.

As the Grand Prix distance was shortened and the drivers were able to cover just over half the laps, no one expected the FIA ​​to decide to give the top ten full points. In addition, Leclerc was given a 5-second penalty for cutting the last chicane on the last lap, which brought him to the third line of protocol, and so Verstappen’s advantage grew to a level that earned him the title.

“It was all a bit strange because in my opinion, when Max was first told that he had become world champion, he looked at me and said: ‘No, actually, no,'” Leclerc recalled, speaking to the press in the paddock autodrome in Austin – And I replied: “Since they talked about it, you probably turned out to be one after all.” Overall, we were at a loss.

There were many uncertainties: points were awarded in full or not, I was penalized or not. I really think we need to work better in this regard, that’s for sure. But I’m sure there will be more conversations on this topic in the next phases of the season as the sport needs to get further and better.

As a driver I want to win the title, and when I realized that I probably wouldn’t succeed, it was hard to come to terms with it. But long before Suzuki, it became clear that the real title opportunities were being missed. Already two or three races before that we knew that Max would become champion, and it is only a matter of time. So it wasn’t a surprise.

Of course, it’s always a shame when you realize you can’t win the title anymore. But what can I do? Of course I’m upset. However, I have to look to the future and try to make the end of the season the best I can. In general, I will not lose heart.

Source: F1 News

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