Red Bull will issue a statement on rule violations

Journalists working in the US Grand Prix paddock report that the FIA ​​is in talks with Red Bull Racing and is offering to acknowledge a number of financial rule violations, but the details of this discussion remain confidential for now.

The team’s leadership from Milton Keynes will have to decide whether or not they are willing to accept the conclusions of the FIA’s budget control committee, after which the matter will be referred to a special committee of experts.

According to Sky Sports, the paddock now has a very ambiguous stance towards Red Bull, as many rival teams suspect her of foul play and stand by the view that McLaren CEO Zack Brown outlined in a letter to the FIA ​​president. .

But Red Bull still insists that certain provisions of the financial regulation can be interpreted in different ways and ensures that there are no violations. Other teams think otherwise, demanding that the federation punish her in full for the admitted budget overrun.

Some information is likely to be released tomorrow about how Red Bull Racing will act, as the team is holding a press conference on Friday specifically devoted to the topic of financial violations.

Source: F1 News

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