Steiner: We must have time to fix the car

At the first practice in Austin, Antonio Giovinazzi replaced Kevin Magnussen, but at the very beginning of the session he crashed the car. Of course Gunther Steiner, head of Haas F1, was not happy about this, but he is confident that the team will have time to get everything in order before the second practice.

Günter Steiner: “I’m in a good mood, because after Giovinazzi’s departure we should have time to repair the car before the second practice. The problem is that Antonio must have overheated his clutch when he drove off the side of the road. We can’t take the risk, the clutch needs to be replaced, because if it doesn’t work, we’ll lose the second session as well. Of course it’s not very cool to crash into a wall already in the third round, and that’s putting it mildly.

I’ve already spoken to Antonio – maybe the car was destabilized by a gust of wind, because it drove quite normally on the first lap. However, the situation is what it is, but we can handle it. In the course of the second training we try to make up for lost time. While additional difficulties will be due to the fact that we are dealing with prototype rubber testing before 2023, the situation is not ideal.

The championship is not over yet, there are still many points to play, so the work continues. Of course the team is already preparing for the next season, but we want to earn points on the tracks.

When we talk about the composition of the team for next year, we are in no rush to make a decision. We have time, especially because a lot of things are happening in the championship right now, so we have something to do. But we have to decide how we see the future of the team because we can’t constantly make mistakes that throw us back. That way we will never make real progress. First of all, we need to achieve stability.”

Steiner also shared his opinion about the situation with violations of the financial rules: he thinks the penalties should be quite severe for this.

“There’s a lot of talk about it, but nobody knows for sure, so it’s hard to draw conclusions,” he noted. – I’m sure a decision on a fine will be made. Formula 1 is currently in top form – precisely due to the transition to limited budgets, as the teams’ capabilities have flattened.

Therefore, the punishment must be severe enough to discourage repetition of such violations, and we all need to learn a lesson, we need to understand what needs to be done so that our sport continues to develop.

Source: F1 News

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