Adrian Sutil returns to racing behind the wheel of a Ferrari

If you have not started following Formula 1 in recent years, but consider yourself an experienced fan, you probably remember that there was such a German racer in the championship – Adrian Sutil.

He didn’t get any victories, he never climbed the podium, but mainly because he always played for teams whose cars were far from the fastest. His best performance in the Championship was 9th place in late 2011, when he played for Force India, and Sutil finished his career in 2014 playing for Sauber, spending a total of 128 Grands Prix. In any case, he can be considered an experienced professional.

But for nearly eight years nothing was heard of him – at least in a motorsport context. And just a few years ago, Adrian came to the attention of the press, but only because he crashed his unique McLaren Senna LM supercar not far from Monaco – this is a completely different story, however.

This weekend, however, Sutil returned to racing, albeit in a much more modest Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli category, and yesterday at Circuit Paul-Ricard won his debut behind the wheel of a Ferrari 488 sports car from Gohm Motorsport.

“After an eight-year hiatus, I decided to race again for a while,” said Adrian. “This time I’m working with Ferrari to draw attention to this series. It turned out that playing in this championship is not that easy, not even for me. I haven’t driven a race car in eight years and the F355 seemed very heavy to me, although of course it is the exact opposite of Formula 1 technology.

But driving in this series is as difficult as it is interesting because these are very powerful cars and you really have to work in the corners.

Sutil started the second race of the weekend from pole position, but it didn’t get off to a good start, dropping to second position, and literally all 13 laps on the heels of the leader, but he couldn’t get ahead of him. However, the weekend for the former Formula 1 driver was quite successful – for him a win and a podium.

Source: F1 News

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