Athletistic/ Formula 1. Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc was among several other drivers who participated in the historic Monaco Grand Prix.

The Monaco Historic Grand Prix is ​​a traditional celebration of rare vehicles. This time around 200 cars dedicated to cars of different years participated in the event in Monte Carlo.

Charles Leclerc took part in the event as a guest, but the Monegasque didn’t set the best time on his home circuit in Monaco. The Ferrari driver’s bad luck continued when he crashed one of the most iconic Ferrari cars in F1 history on Sunday May 15.

Leclerc had the honor of driving the Monaco circuit by car 1974 Ferrari F1 three-time Formula 1 champion Niki Lauda.

However, Leclerc lost control in the corners, the 24-year-old crashed his rear wing into a barrier and damaged the iconic Formula 1 car.

Leclerc ironically reacted to this incident by mocking his own anti-record in Monaco.

“When you thought you’d already exhausted all the limits of bad luck in Monaco, the brakes just let go when the Rascass passed. Plus, you’re driving one of the most legendary F-1 cars in Monaco’s history. Ferrari,” Leclerc wrote on social media.

In 1974, Lauda made his debut for Ferrari and took nine pole positions during the season. However, car reliability issues prevented Lauda from fully contending for the title.

A year later, Lauda won his first world title in Formula 1 and won two more, in 1977 and 1984.

Leclerc has had regular bad luck at the Monaco Grand Prix since his F1 debut. Monegasque crashed the car on his F1 debut at Monaco with Sauber before being forced to retire in 2019 with Ferrari.

The 2021 race was meant to be a turning point for Leclerc as he took pole. However, at the end of the session, the driver crashed his car again and did not participate in the race.

Leclerc hopes this season he can snap the unsuccessful streak on his home track.

Leclerc is currently leading the 2022 Formula 1 driver standings. The Monegasque has 104 points.

Artyom Ekshiyan.