FIA reports on work to improve race management

FIA reports on work to improve race management

The FIA ​​has completed the first phase of a new program called the Race Direction Development Program (RDDP). it aims to improve the management of Formula 1 races and all processes related to their behaviour.

The name literally translates to “Racing Leadership Development Program” and according to a published press release, the RDDP was personally initiated by Mohammed bin Sulayem, the federation’s chairman. The aim of the program is not only to improve all work processes, but also to lay the foundation for training new specialists who will eventually assume the role of race director and take on other responsibilities.

Within the framework of the program, an analysis is made of the effectiveness of the work of the race management and stewards, conditions are created for critical reflection on all their actions. In order to achieve improvements consistently, it is necessary to identify areas that require priority attention.

The specialists involved in the RDDP are already actively communicating with the officials who worked on the last Grand Prix, analyzing all kinds of information collected during the races, highlighting the positive aspects and drawing attention to areas that need improvement, including the field of technical equipment.

Mohammed bin SulayemPresident of the FIA: “The program aims to improve the work of the race directorate, and this is only part of the ongoing effort to make the management of the sport more rigorous and of a high quality.

The RDDP will also help identify new talent so we can expand our pool of professionals who will become race directors, stewards and other official positions in the future.”

Separately, it is emphasized that RRDP draws on the experience of referees in other sports that enjoy wide international popularity, especially in football and rugby. Talks are already underway between FIA specialists and representatives of these sports, and the next meeting will take place in Abu Dhabi during the days of the final leg of the World Cup.

Source: F1 News

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