Verstappen leads second practice

Verstappen leads second practice

It is obvious. Dry. Air +31…29С, rail +37…34С

The second practice session in Abu Dhabi is the most rewarding of the weekend and coincides with qualifying and the race. The sun went down, the temperature of the asphalt dropped by almost ten degrees, the teams were able to work with the settings and tires in the same conditions under which the key sessions of the weekend will take place.

In the first session, temporary replacements took place in eight teams simultaneously, in the second session only the main pilots worked. At the start of the session, the racers rushed to the track, only Hamilton remained in the pits – the mechanics were completing the setting change. Ricciardo completed two laps and returned to the pits – it was also necessary to fine-tune the settings.

The riders started the session with long sets of laps on harder tyres, gradually switched to Soft, and as the track cooled down even more, they returned to long sets.

The session went smoothly. Vettel and Leclerc went off the track in the sixth corner, Albon – in the first, without any consequences for the cars.

Max Verstappen took the lead with a lap time of 1:25.146.

Results of the second session

Pilot Team Time Difference Circles
1. M. Verstappen Red Bull 1:25,146 25
2.D Russell Mercedes 1:25,487 0.341 27
3. Sch.Lecler Ferrari 1:25,599 0.453 thirty
4. L Hamilton Mercedes 1:25,761 0.615 22
5. C. Perez Red Bull 1:25,852 0.706 26
6. K. Sainz Ferrari 1:25,932 0.786 31
7. E. Okon Alps 1:26.038 0.892 28
8. F. Alonso Alps 1:26.043 0.897 29
9. D.Riccardo McLaren 1:26.124 0.978 fourteen
10. V. Bottas Alfa Romeo 1:26.300 1,154 29
11. L. Norris McLaren 1:26,377 1,231 28
12. S Vettel Aston Martin 1:26,395 1,249 28
13. G. Zhou Alfa Romeo 1:26,479 1,333 thirty
14. L. Walk Aston Martin 1:26,547 1,401 27
15. Y. Tsunoda AlphaTauri 1:26,680 1,534 thirty
16. A. Albon Willems 1:26.750 1,604 29
17.M Schumacher hare 1:26,839 1,693 26
18. K. Magnussen hare 1:26,915 1,769 25
19.P Gasly AlphaTauri 1:27.036 1,890 29
20. N. Latifi Willems 1:27,262 2.116 thirty

First part of free practice

It is obvious. Dry. Air +33…34С, route +47…45С

In the first training there was a temporary replacement of pilots in eight teams at once. During the course of the season, teams are required to conduct two training sessions for young drivers, many have postponed these replacements until the last.

At Ferrari, Robert Schwartzman got behind the wheel of Carlos Sainz’s car, at Haas F1 Pietro Fittipaldi replaced Mick Schumacher, Jack Doohan got behind the wheel of Alpine Fernando Alonso, Logan Sargent at Williams replaced Nicolas Latifi. Liam Lawson replaced Max Verstappen at Red Bull Racing.

The two drivers made their debut behind the wheel of Formula 1 as part of the official session of the race weekend. At Aston Martin, Felipe Drugovic replaced Lance Stroll and Pato O’Ward was behind the wheel of Lando Norris’ McLaren.

At Alfa Romeo, under a contract with Orlen, Kubica returned behind the wheel, having worked out a training session in place of Guanyu Zhou.

The first training in Abu Dhabi is not very representative as it takes place in hot weather. Many teams used it to evaluate different elements for the next season – drivers drove cars with aerodynamic sensors.

O’Ward’s car developed problems at the start of the first lap – he slowly returned to the pits due to a gearbox failure, but took off again after twenty minutes.

Duane mixed up the engine’s operating modes and it overheated, I had to take a break.

Sargent braked on the curb, flipped the car and flew into the first corner. Contact with the barrier was avoided, Logan returned to the pits and took off after a break.

Lewis Hamilton took the lead with a lap time of 1:26.633.

Results of the first session

Pilot Team Time Difference Circles
1. L. Hamilton Mercedes 1:26,633 21
2.D Russell Mercedes 1:26,853 0.220 thirty
3. Sch.Lecler Ferrari 1:26,888 0.255 22
4. C. Perez Red Bull 1:26,967 0.334 23
5. L. Lawson Red Bull 1:27.201 0.568 22
6.S Vettel Aston Martin 1:27,268 0.635 twenty
7. R. Schwartzman Ferrari 1:27,429 0.796 24
8. D.Riccardo McLaren 1:27,619 0.986 21
9. V. Bottas Alfa Romeo 1:27,655 1,022 23
10. A. Albon Willems 1:27,840 1,207 26
11.P Gasly AlphaTauri 1:27,845 1.212 28
12. E. Okon Alps 1:27,891 1,258 27
13. Y. Tsunoda AlphaTauri 1:27,991 1,358 28
14. R. Kubica Alfa Romeo 1:28.064 1,431 22
15. L. Sargent Willems 1:28.098 1,465 23
16. K. Magnussen hare 1:28,142 1,509 twenty
17. P. Fittipaldi hare 1:28.204 1,571 26
18. O’Ward McLaren 1:28.350 1,717 22
19.D Duane Alps 1:28,484 1,851 25
20. F.Drugovich Aston Martin 1:28,672 2,039 23

Source: F1 News

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